an experience designed to sharpen your creativity muscles as you practice dropping into your flow state and stretch your zone of comfort


a slower paced PLAY experience designed to help you tap into a present state and connect with nature.

make work PLAY

custom programs for working teams to break down barriers and spark creativity

the silent PLAY experiment

a critically acclaimed immersive experience that ran for three months spring 2019.

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the organization

PLAY is an mission driven organization with one goal : make the world a more playful place. to do this, we create experiences that help people tap into their playful, authentic, creative selves. founded in new york city in march 2013, PLAY moved to los angeles in April 2015, and created monthly experiences for a closed community for 2 1/2 years. in august 2017 we opened to the public with  – week of PLAY – taking over a studio space on abbot kinney – photos can be viewed here! in spring 2018 we created ‘the silent PLAY experiment’ -a 90 minute critically acclaimed immersive experience in silence that ran for 3 months in downtown LA. we’ve developed custom experiences for fortune 500 companies and top management consulting firms. we continue to develop PLAY experiences in los angeles and beyond in pursuit of our mission of spreading play and joy in the world.

the experience

PLAY specializes in creating guided experiences for adults. we take groups of 5 to 200 people on a journey where the only goal is to get lost — lost in time, in the moment, in your right brain and in your inner-child. the sessions involve movement, meditation exercises, skits, improv, games, and other activities.

the experience does not involve eating or drinking. the goal is to relax into a playful and free state of mind without any substances.

the movement

make-life-play is a social movement to bring more play into our lives – no matter what how old we are.

we all play as children. it’s how we learn, create, and relate to others. for whatever reason, at a certain point in our lives, we decide we’re “too old,” “too cool,” “too professional,” or “too <whatever>” to play. we may engage in competitive sports, grab drinks with friends, go to a concert, or do any number of other recreational activities during which we’re often following a conventional script of behavior. but for most of us, pure social and imaginative play is sorely lacking.

why does this matter?  adding more play to your life enhances creativity, improves relationships, increases your confidence, makes you feel present and joyful – oh and if you don’t care about any of that stuff, it also boosts brain function and is vital for problem solving.

do I have to play all the time to benefit from it? play is a practice – like yoga, surfing, a musical instrument. It requires repetition and regularity to have full effects and to creating lasting and noticeable transformation. we encourage all PLAY participants to continue seeking out playful experiences that stretch them and to continue playing regularly!

but that doesn’t mean you need to drop your ‘serious job’ and spend our life frolicking in the flower fields. as the founder of the national institute for play says “we don’t need to play every second of the day to enjoy play’s benefits… a little bit of play can go a long way toward boosting our productivity and happiness.” –  fr. stuart brown


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